Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



Q:Are dues and contributions tax deductible?

A.Yearly club dues are not tax deductible. However, contributions are deductible for those who itemize their tax deductions.  We are considered a 501(c)(3).

Q:As a member, what is expected of me?

A.Everyone is expected to abide by posted/written rules and the  bylaws that are designed to create a safe environment. You are expected  to report any unsafe act or situation to any Board member ASAP. The Club also expects members to participate in Club work days when possible.

Q:I am not a member, can I attend a club event such as a shooting competition?

A.YES!  All sporting events are available to non-members at a higher  fee.  These can range from $5 to $20 additional to the member fee for  the event. During the warm months, the 5-Stand is open for clay shooting most Fridays starting at 4:00 p.m. Visitors are always welcome.

Q:When are the locks changed?

A.The locks and codes are changed yearly, following the January club meeting.  These will be available to all members.

Q:I am interested in bringing a spouse and my children, can I?

A.Yes, they can accompany you as a member.  Please ensure they remain in the immediate vicinity of the member. Minors shooting in competition must sign and file a minor wavier

Q:Can I bring a guest?

A.Yes, we encourage you to show guests our facilities and encourage  them to apply for membership.  Please restrain to just a few short  visits.  Guest must remain with a member the entire time.

Q:When can I use the facilities?

A.After you are notified that your membership has been approved, you  may begin using the facilities immediately.  You will receive the gate code once your membership is approved. Due to several safety and  instructional issues on the use of the clay throwing machines new members are required to attend a new member orientation  before you use them. Ranges are generally open 9:00 a.m. to dusk with exception that we usually do not shoot before Noon on Sundays (unless there is a competition shoot where Sunday morning shooting is necessary). 

Q:When can I pay my dues?

A.You can sign on as a new member at any time.  Renewing your membership begins in August and continues thru March.

Q:How much are dues?

A.Dues are $175 per year for first year members and $125 per year for renewing members. Each member is expected to put in 8 hours of volunteer  work per year, or pay an additional $50. 

We also offer LIFETIME memberships that allow you to pay for your  membership one time.  The age groups and pricing are as follows:

  • Under 5 - $300 (Youth must be accompanied by a guardian wildlife club member)
  • 5 thru 17 - $500 (Youth must be accompanied by a guardian wildlife club member)
  • 18 thru 64 - $1500
  • 65 thru 74 - $500
  • 75 and older - No Charge

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